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Our Philosophy

Prince's Sensory Delights is dedicated to produce adorable, high quality children's clothing specially targeting, (however not limited to), those with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Developmental delay, and Downs Syndrome. Our desire is to help parents and their children with special needs improve the quality of life.

We offer tagless clothing for children. Our children's clothing has no tags and so is extremely soft allowing it to be worn by all children with special needs. If your child has sensory processing disorders, ADHD, Aspergers, autism, dyspraxia, tourettes or another developmental disorder you need to purchase this clothing. It has no tag, no seams, and contains fidgits so that your special needs child can be confortable. Some of our clothing contains weights. With weighted clothing, Prince's Sensory Delights allows your child to dress in clothing that specially addresses in special sensory needs. The tagless variety gives him or her additional comfort no matter if diagnosed with a special need, including utism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, Aspergers, dyspraxia, and tourettes. It can really help with your child's sensory processing. If your child has special needs because of a developmental disorder, you need this soft, no seam weighted vest.

It gives proprioceptive input and you have many opportunities to dress your special needs / developmental disorder child. It is great because the tagless feature means the child will delight in the figits without worrying about the tag being itchy. This clothing is soft and has no seams! Proprioceptive input allows for the additional confort of weights in the vest and pants. Prince's Sensory Delights also offers their tagless clothing for mothers and fathers trying to dress their childrens who have developmental disorders and is targeting a variety of special needs including kids with autism. No way you and your child can miss out on this offer. All from Prince's Sensory Delights. All photography by M Elaine Adams